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Load Your 

Data Securely

Please make sure you upload your Excel file with password protection.



Upload your password protected Excel File.


Your data is examined and cleaned of errors.


Your campaign begins once you are notified.



Do I Need A Password To Upload A File?

Yes. In order to protect your information as much as possible, you need to create a password for your Excel file. Then, let us know what that password is on the box above. 

How Will I Know If You Received My File?

You should get an immediate confirmation. Our team will go over your file. Once your file is ready for the campaign stage, you'll receive a notification either by email or by phone.

Can I Get Help On How To Create A Password?

Of course! Take a look at this page link. It has instructions and a video!

Clinic Brainiac Password Tutoring

Can I Submit Multiple Files?

For security, you would need to submit each file individually. 


Need Assistance?

We'll get back to you ASAP.

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